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New HOGAB Comic

Corey Taylor's comic book "House of Gold and Bones", from Dark Horse Comics, paperback is out December 10th!

Inside the House of Gold and Bones, the Conflagration has begun. Here, the Human must make a choice that could alter the course of his life: Remain the man he is or change? 

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@SiNNbODHi @IAmJericho haha nice! I love the homage to the Superman/Ali comic! Fuck, I'm old...
@ButterworthDean thanks brother! Right back atcha! Next time, I WILL catch the stick hahaha!!! Be well, man!
Hollywood, I'm on my way! See you tonight at the Roxy w/ @RoyalMachines http://t.co/RD7tJ7kdPa
@Nickipedia101 @NikkiSixx Dude- 'Poison Apples', 'Welcome To The Numb' and 'Til Death...' are ridiculously great.
I don't care what anyone says: the 'Corabi' Crue self-titled album is SO fuckin good- heavy, grimey, thick mix. @NikkiSixx