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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014!

Corey Taylor has joined the Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 guest list!

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New HOGAB Comic

Corey Taylor's comic book "House of Gold and Bones", from Dark Horse Comics, paperback is out December 10th!

Inside the House of Gold and Bones, the Conflagration has begun. Here, the Human must make a choice that could alter the course of his life: Remain the man he is or change? 

Pre-order your copy online now

or click here to find a comic shop near you!

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RT @garrettseghers: @CoreyTaylorRock today is my birthday do u like the shirt http://t.co/dfcdLta6AT
RT @ShivanD_5326: A lil' disappointed that Corey lied to us about his mask. :( why Corey? @CoreyTaylorRock http://t.co/TZR8X2bxYl
RT @MetalHammer: This Tuesday: shit gets real. http://t.co/DY99mJqjvr http://t.co/TgtJhP6F2S
RT @OptimusAndyCX: @CoreyTaylorRock Did Mad Beans Hooper beat Captain Fluffy Bug in a Falls Count Anywhere match, or did I just miss somet…
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